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Martin Schaefer

VP Maintenance & Service


Martin left ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance Division after 25 years as a Vice President and acquired Automatic Sprinkler Controls. He and his wife Karen operated Automatic Sprinkler Controls for 15 years and sold his company to Crestview Landscape. Upon selling the company, he joined Crestview Landscape and now manages the commercial and residential maintenance division as well as the Automatic Sprinkler Controls department. Martin is originally from New York. He is a graduate of Mississippi State with a degree in Landscape Contracting. He moved to Southern California and has worked in the landscape industry since 1983. His focus at Crestview Landscape is building a strong team that focuses on excellent customer service, developing a knowledgeable and efficient staff, and contract growth by focusing on the relationships developed by our construction division.

In his spare time, he enjoys fly fishing, backpacking and woodworking.

Contact info

(818) 994 - 1159